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  • Latest Release Available for Download

    The latest release of iStructAR includes a new task, modeling the Campanile Tower at Iowa State University, an iconic building on the school’s campus. Utilized as a cantilevered beam, students are able to see the effect of different types of loading conditions on the structure. Both wind and seismic forces are a focus in this new task.

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  • AR App named 'iStructAR'

    The augmented reality app has been formally named “iStructAR”.

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  • Updated Release Includes Indoor AR Tracking

    The newest release of the AR structures app includes improved outdoor tracking, as well as both indoor tracking and “untracked” modes. Outdoor tracking now includes the ability to pause and resume AR tracking, allowing students to manipulate loading conditions in various positions. The outdoor tracking portion of the application requires students to view and interact with the Skywalk structure in real time, while a new untracked mode allows students to utilize the app from a remote location. Instead of tracking the physical Skywalk structure, the application tracks a downloadable or printable image of the Skywalk, further enabling use of the app in classroom settings or campus locations other than ISU. A third “untracked” mode allows users to focus on the structural analysis features of the app only through the manipulation of loads on a pre-set image of the Skywalk structure.

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  • First Test Release of AR Structures App

    Our project addresses augmented reality for structural analysis education. The goal is to evaluate the learning outcome gain of engineering students when using AR-based learning in comparison to traditional learning environments, such as lecturing, problem sessions, etc.

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